Workshop with students by UoM

The Maritime Faculty Kotor of the University of Montenegro organized the Workshop with students on November 15, 2017. In addition to the members of the project team of the University of Montenegro and Montenegrin projects partners, Association of Youth with Disability of Montenegro and Employment Agency of Montenegro, the workshop was also attended by the students, lecturers and associates from the Faculty of Political Sciences.

The workshop was organized within the celebration of the International Students Day and makes part of the activities of the project “School-to-work Transition for Higher education students with disabilities in Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Montenegro – Trans2Work”, implemented by the Maritime Faculty Kotor jointly with partners. The manager of the study programme for Social policy and social work, Senior lecturer Uglješa Janković opened the workshop, stating that the workshop topic and project idea are extremely important for the students of the Faculty of Political Science, who analyze various aspects of society and position of the student population within the society in their everyday work.

The Project Coordinator on behalf of the University of Montenegro, Senior lecturer Tatijana Dlabač, presented the project, previous activities as well as the role of the University of Montenegro in the entire brokerage process among the university graduates with disability and employers. Anđela Radovanović from the Association of Youth with Disability of Montenegro pointed to the current position of students with disability in Montenegro, as well as to the possibilities for improvement of their status, while also emphasizing the provisions of the Law on Higher Education.

The representatives of the Employment Agency of Montenegro, David Perčobić and Aleksandra Mugoša emphasized the role of the institution in the placement process of the university graduates with disability and also presented the web based tool platform of Trans2Work project, which has been developed at the level of entire consortium to enable the students with disability the inclusion into internship programme. The presentations were followed by the discussion where the students asked a series of questions related to the project.

The need was emphasized to support the initiative for the implementation of various forms of affirmative action in order to adapt the studying process as much as possible to the needs of students with disability. Also, the purchase of equipment adapted to the students with disability for all university units of the University of Montenegro was announced.