Workshop by AYDM and UoM

This workshop were attended by 22 participants from six organizational units of University of Montenegro and Career center also from UoM.

The workshop began with the speeches for national and local media presenting the main aim of the activities inside the project as well as the achieved results during the first project year. After the introduction presentations of project team members, the participants took the opportunity to present themselves and they explained the experiences in the work with students with disabilities.

The participants from Faculty of Sport and Physical Education presented a new subject at their study program entitled Adapted physical activity that is related to the students with disabilities and Paralympic sports.

After the short discussion, the film done by AYDM under the title Moving the boundaries is shown with the emphasis on the life and education of three students with disabilities from Montenegro, after that the participants had the opportunity to meet the conditions of their studying and the support that they are needing during the process of education.

The participants were talking about the complementary spheres of life of individuals with disabilities that has the big influence on the educational process, such as the process of education, socialization, support services and the quality of medical-technical apparatus that have the effect on the attending lectures and complete educational process.

The academic staff obtained the directions in the individualized approach to the students with disabilities.

At the end, the workshop is estimated as a very useful and the proposal for new activities has been presented.