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The Company’s Jack-ups rigs segment comprises jack-up rigs.

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She is tiny (I used to be 5 foot 1, now I’m 4 foot 10, she says) and trs chic in a neon yellow cashmere twin sweater set she bought at the boutique

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Dreaming usually occurs during periods of REM sleep.

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Everyone knows that light travels in straight lines—except when it doesn't, such as when it hits glass or water at anything other than a right angle

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rights of the individual (b) No procedures or requirement shall be imposed by any State which will operate

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I felt the need to go to the bathroom but was able to hold it until I found one

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”KRS 438.300 does not preempt the use of a local ordinance which serves to prohibit the use of tobacco products in public places by anyone.

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Gohar died of a drug overdose in 2011 while a criminal investigation was pending.

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“Oh wait, you mean I can just let him die? I didn’t know that Thanks Doc Now what consulting fee do I owe you for that?”