Trans2Work and employment of students with disabilities in the process of transition from higher education to the labor market – round table discussion held at Belgrade Metropolitan University in Belgrade

On Thursday 11 May 2017 the round table was held at Belgrade Metropolitan University in Belgrade on the topic “Employment of young people with disabilities in the transition from higher education to the labor market”.

Professor Dr Katarina Kaplarski, the Dean of the Faculty of Digital Arts at Belgrade Metropolitan University and project manager in the project Trans2Work, welcomed the participants. Professor Kaplarski pointed out that the project Trans2Work implements equal opportunities in higher education. The most important point, and what the project aims at as well, is to connect employers and students with disabilities, both physically and mentally. The biggest benefit would be that young people with disabilities get employment after completing higher education under equal conditions for all.

There was also a discussion about the web portal that will soon function similar to Jobs – Infostud site, where the database of students who have a disability will be located, and where they will have the opportunity to present themselves, their capabilities and their skills in the best light. The database will also comprise interested employers who recognize the efforts of young people with disabilities to adapt and integrate into the daily life of society.

There was also a discussion about the equipment that is necessary for employers to hire people with disabilities, which is very expensive and difficult to procure. It is necessary to inform employers about this through organized seminars. Belgrade Metropolitan University and the project partners will get the necessary equipment to prepare students with disabilities for the labor market, which could later be lent to employers to use.

The participants of the round table were – Milan Janković (Association of Students with Disabilities), Sandra Skumpija (Project Coordinator in NES), Danijela Ljubojević (English language lecturer, mentor for students with disabilities) and Valentina Paunović (assistant and associate researcher at Belgrade Metropolitan University). In addition to the presentations, and there was a discussion about a number of topics that were raised related to persons with disabilities in our country.

Besides Belgrade Metropolitan University, the University of Novi Sad and Kragujevac also take part in the project. There is currently a regional exchange of students from Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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