The conference “Social inclusion in youth activities” organized by ASD

The conference “Social inclusion in youth activites” was attended by Students, students with disabilities, representatives of Youth and other NGOs, wider public and media. It was organized by Association of studetns with Disabilities, on Saturday 25th of November, 2017 under the manifestation “Serbian Vision” at Hotel “Radisson Blu old mill”.
The presentation was opened by the Executive director of ASD Milan Janković, who welcomed all the participants and shortly presentet history and current activities of Association of students with disabilities. He put focus of working service for support students.
Coordinator of development programs of ASD Marina Lukić presented project “Trans2Work” and gave a short summary of the project, and then spoke about the goals of the project and the dissemination and exploitation of project outcomes and results that are considered to be a very important activities for its successful implementation. Lukić presented results researches from WP1.and announced possibility for student exchanges within T2W.
Profesor Danijela Ljubojević from Metropolitan University further more presented procedures and details about application for students mobility. She emphasized that is within the framework of the internship mobility provided scholarships in the amount of 1500 E. Presented students has been showed great interested for this offer for exchange. Exchanges will be held in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro for period of two months. Additionally prof. Ljubojević announced online platform for connection students and graduate with disability with labor market. That platform will be established within Trans2Work project as place for matching employees and persons with disability with mentor support in process of searching job and looking for good candidate for hiring.
At the last session of conference representatives from Neda Trifunović from World Youth Wawe presented inclusive festival International Students Belgrade Week-ISWiB and ASD members Živko Bošković ana Marija Vučković as students with disability shared their experience from Erasmus + youth exchange as additional motivation for other students with disability to apply for mobility.