Trans2Work Project Workshops at eLearning Conference 2016

The 2016 eLearning Conference (traditionally held for 7th year in a row at Metropolitan University in Belgrade, Republic of Serbia) included presentations on numerous topics,where partners from Trans2Work project also took part in. The authors of the papers dealt with the following: identification and analysis of employers’needs, opinions of students with disabilities (SwD) and employees with disabilities (EwD), transition of SwD from HEI to labour market, comparison between students with disability (SwD) and employees with disability (EwD) in RS, BiH and MNE and a technical overview of adaptive technical solutions for D/HH, blind and weak sighted persons.This conference provided an excellent opportunity for the project to become more visible within the international academic community as well as to draw attention to the importance of the problems this project aims at resolving.

Papers were published in Conference Proceedings, and on the official website of the conference :

Conference papers that have been presented and published are: