Second E-Learning seminar

Persons with disabilities


The functioning of each person depends on the way in which it is enabled to act and engage in activities, i.e. from what is available to it and at its disposal to carry out these activities.


Persons with inborn or acquired disability due to social and other types of obstacles have a reduced ability to engage in activities of society at the same level with others, regardless of whether they can realize them using technical aids or support services.


The employer is obliged to provide disabled workers with access to the workplace and appropriate working conditions, adaptation of infrastructure and space, methods of use of equipment and other specific needs in accordance with the needs of the employed disabled person and the functions that should also be performed.



How to hire persons with disabilities


Active employment policy for people with disabilities includes:


  • Organization and implementation of programs, measures and activities of professional rehabilitation in order to increase the level of employability and employment of persons with disabilities and


  • Measures and incentives directed at the employment and self-employment of persons with disabilities in accordance with the law.

Programs and measures of active employment policy for people with disabilities, implemented by the National Employment Service, are part of the process of overall professional rehabilitation of an individual.



Here are some suggestions and tips on how to adjust the flow of work:


  • The employer should provide each worker with quality working conditions,
  • Preparation in the case of persons with disabilities specific,
  • Workplace analysis will provide an answer to the necessary adjustments,
  • The analysis should take into account the description of work tasks, motoring, physical and psychological demands of work and
  • Adjustment of the workplace requires technical changes and non-material support.


It provides support to employers in the employment of persons with disabilities:


  • Preliminary selection of job candidates in your company,
  • Organization of employment fairs for people with disabilities,
  • Preparing a person for employment through training programs,
  • Information and counseling services in the field of professional rehabilitation and employment of persons with disabilities,
  • Advice and support in the integration of people with disabilities in the workplace,
  • Interregional mediation in employment and
  • Financial support measures through subsidized employment programs.