Dissemination & Exploitation

Dissemination and exploitation of project’s outcomes and results are considered as key actions for the successful completion of the project.

The main target groups of the project will be:

  • Individuals with disabilities
  • Enterprises offering work to individuals with disabilities
  • Governmental organizations and policy makers for education and training of SwDs
  • Academic community (Universities, Schools, Rehabilitation Institutes)

The proposed project will lead to the creation of an accessible data base, which will be designed to specifically accommodate the needs of individuals with disabilities and their employment. Employers will identify positions that are open and available for individuals with disabilities.

Simultaneously, they will also complete a structured form which will state the qualifications that an individual with disability should have to be hired in this position. In addition, individuals with disability will enter the web portal and their training needs will be identified and will be matched with available employment opportunities.

Thus the portal will aid in the planning of training programs for individuals with disabilities in each of the target countries. The portal will make a significant contribution towards the identification of skills needed by individual with disability to achieve gain employment and will increase their social and employment mobility. Due to the content of the project some associations from neighbour countries might be interested on getting involved but also employers or employers associations can show interest on the objectives.

This is why the project has also involved in the consortium private HEIs, a company and UNION2000. The associated partner eMPIRICA as a private college will follow the activities of the project and disseminate them in their city. Private sector that will like to have more a social character can be interested i.e. companies that are familiar with special equipment such as wheelchairs and of course they will be interested in offering different kind of special equipment. The link between the private and public sector in the region will assure the impact of the project to the wide society.