The Trans2Work project is designed as a complementary with “Equal Access for All -Strengthening the Social Dimension for a Stronger European Higher Education Area” (EquiED) in SR and “Support and Inclusion of SwDs at Higher Education in Montenegro” (SINC@HE) in ME and “Equal Opportunities for Students With Special Needs in Higher Education” (EQOPP) in BiH.

Thus some partners have already cooperated in the framework of the above mentioned projects and have shared the same experience on supporting SwD during their studies (a) UM, Novi Sad and ASD in SR, (b) UOM, UW, UDG and AYDM in Montenegro and (c) University of Sarajevo, University of Banja Luka and University of East Sarajevo in BiH. UOM has cooperation also with two partner universities: collaborative/ bilateral agreement with UNIKG and UNS. The inclusion of the Associations from all 3 partner countries it is most important towards the above mentioned issues as well as the Employment Agencies and employers i.e. CACAK UNION2000.

Last but not least all HEIs in partner countries have carreer offices that will be key stakeholders in order to improve their support services for SwD during and after their studies while entering to labor market. The afore mentioned projects have been designed to improve the equal access, inclusion and support of prospective and current SwD at HEIs in Srb and ME and Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Taken into consideration the specific objectives of these 3 projects, the proposed project is a follow up and complementary based in the assumption that SwD often experience limited access to and success within postsecondary and higher education programs which subsequently limits their employment.

Thus, Trans2Work links the outcomes from the afore mentioned projects and makes the next step by preparing SwD to meet the needs of labor market after their graduation