Project meeting with students that are participating in Special Mobility Strand by UoM

Five students applied to the Special Mobility Strand in the program School-to-Work Transition for Higher education students with disabilities in Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Montenegro (Trans2Work project) and the mobilities will start in May this year.

This was one of the main issue on the project meeting that was organized by the Maritime Faculty Kotor together with the Association of Youth with Disabilities of Montenegro. The meeting was held in Rectorate building of University of Montenegro.

Also, the preparation of all documentation including motivation letter, CV, questionnaire and student registration to the project web based tool were elaborated. Employers from Bosnia and Herzegovina were discussed as well as the students’ choice regarding the appropriate employers were reported.

Finally, the support of preparation of documentation during the whole program for the students that will participatem will be provided.

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Dissemination activity report