Project Management Meeting in Sarajevo

1st Project management meeting was held in Sarajevo 13th – 15th June 2016 in the University of Sarajevo (

First project management meeting started with the speech of the provost of the University of Sarajevo, Prof. Faruk Mekic and coordinator of the Project Kartasidou (UOM). After the opening of the meeting and the opening speech, Ms Kartasidou had a presentation regarding the Project Management issues.

During the second  day, the leaders of the different work packages have presented the so far completed tasks and the plan for the future. The discussion regarding the activities was very helpful and partners agree with what is planned in the coming months of the project realization.

The third day of the meeting was devoted to monitoring the implementation of the Project by the National Erasmus + Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina (NEO BIH). At the beginning of the meeting Mr Muhibić welcomed the participants and introduced them with the aim of monitoring of the project. Ms Kartasidou presented the project consortium, the idea of the project, main objectives, and completed and planned activities. Representatives of NEO BiH were asking questions that they needed more answers too. The discussion was attended by all the partners present. In the end, Mr Muhibić expressed their informal assessment of the monitoring project, expressing his satisfaction with the cooperation and atmosphere between the partners, past activities, noting that the formal report will contain some suggestions for improving the process.


The purpose of the meeting was to:

  • Inform participants about contractual and financial regulations
  • Create sense of ownership and start positive team building process
  • Become familiar with the project objectives.
  • Inform about implemented activities and tasks.
  • Inform about produced outputs and outcomes.
  • Establish a detailed plan and revise the work plan and agree on allocation of tasks and responsibilities
  • Discuss the future procedures, deliverables, steps, and actions to be taken.

Minutes and presentations