Radni plan 3. godina

TitleTotal duration (number of weeks)M1M2M3M4M5M6M7M8M9M10M11M12
DEV2.3Piloting the web based tools122x2x2x2x2x2x
DEV5.1Monitoring and piloting the strategy and plan of the companies484x4x4x4x4x4x4x4x4x4x4x4x
DEV5.2Monitoring and piloting the transition services484x4x4x4x4x4x4x4x4x4x4x4x
DEV5.3Piloting the training effects and impact484x4x4x4x4x4x4x4x4x4x4x4x
DEV5.4Monitoring and piloting the effect and impact of data base and website124x4x4x
QPLN6.2Internal QPLN44x
QPLN6.3External QPLN and Evaluation11=
DISS7.2Website of the project31x1x1x
DISS7.3Raising awareness and motivation to employers and families62x2x2x
DISS7.4Raising awareness and motivation to HE students with disabilities

DISS7.5Dissemination products and materials

1. Trans2Work flyer

2. Trans2Work poster

3. Trans2Work-Bilten-br-5-BiH

4. Trans2Work-Bilten-br-5-SR

5. Trans2Work-Bilten-br-5-MNE

6. Trans2Work-Bilten-br-5-MNE
DISS7.6Dissemination activities report44x
EXP8.2E-learning seminars
1st E-learning seminar page
2nd E-learning seminar page
3rd E-learning seminar page
4th E-learning seminar page
5th E-learning seminar page

EXP8.3Electronic Index of all Stakeholders 11x
EXP8.4Creation and Use of Accessible Data base and website484x4x4x4x4x4x4x4x4x4x4x4x
MNGT9.1Progress Management reports144=4x2=4x
MNGT9.3Project financial and management plan
1.4th PMM _ Minutes UBL final
2.Trans2Work_Minutes May 2018
MNGT9.4Project reports84=4=