Izlazi aktivnosti




Title: State of the Art M1-M6

DEV1.1 Identify and analyse the needs of employers – Report M1-M6

DEV1.2 Identify and analyse the educational needs of students with disabilities – Report M1-M6

DEV1.3 Benchmarking transition and employment policy – Report M1-M6


Title: Connecting HE with Work for students with disabilities M6-M36

DEV2.1 Web based tool for employers – Service/ Product M6-M12

DEV2.2 Web based tool for IwDs – Service/ Product M6-M12

DEV2.3 Piloting the web based tools – Report M13-M36


Title: Higher Education and Work based learning M6-M12

DEV3.1 Transition support services at HEIs –Service/ Product M6-M9

DEV3.2  Development of internship program for SwD –Learning Material M7-M12

DEV3.3 Design recruitment guidelines for employers opening positions for students/university graduates with disabilities –Service/ Product M8-M12

DEV3.3.b Transition Curriculum


Title: Training university and non university staff to support SwD towards transition M13-M24

DEV4.1 Training of academic/ teaching staff (who are in charge for Practice work) – Training Material M13-M19

DEV4.2 Training of employers – Training Material M16-M19

DEV4.3 Training of transition mentors – Training Material M16-M21

DEV4.4 Training SwD (to manage their career, develop project, learn about project management, etc.) – Training Material M14-M23

DEV4.5 Evaluation of the training –Report M23-M24


Title: Piloting and evaluating at partner universities and employers M25-M36

DEV5.1 Monitoring and piloting the strategy and plan of the companies – Event M25-M36

DEV5.2 Monitoring and piloting the transition services – Event  M25-M36

DEV5.3 Piloting the training effects and impact – Report M25-M36

DEV5.4 Monitoring and piloting the effect and impact of data base and website – Report M34-M36

QPLN6 Quality Plan

Title: Quality Assurance M2-M35

QPLN6.1 Quality Assurance Plan –Report M2-M3

QPLN6.2 Internal QPLN –Report (3X) M12, M24, M35

QPLN6.3 External QPLN and Evaluation –Report (2X) M17, M35

DISS7 Dissemination

Title: Dissemination and Raising Awareness M1-M36

DISS7.1 Dissemination Plan – Report M1-M2

DISS7.2 Website of the project –Service/ product M1-M36

DISS7.3 Raising awareness and motivation to employers and families – Event M1-M36

DISS7.4 Raising awareness and motivation to HE students with disabilities – Event M1-M36

DISS7.5 Dissemination products and materials – Service/ Product M8-M36

DISS7.6 Dissemination activities –Report M35

EXP8 Exploitation of results

Title: Exploitation and Sustainability M1-M36

EXP8.1 Exploitation Plan –Report M1-M2

EXP8.2 E-learning seminars –Event M13-M36

EXP8.3 Electronic Index of all Stakeholders –Service/ product M2-M36

EXP8.4 Creation and Use of Accessible Data base –Service/ product M13-M36

MNGT9 Management

Title: Trans2 Work Project Management M1-M36

MNGT9.1 Progress Management reports- Report (4X) M7-M35

MNGT9.2 Consortium Collaboration Platform –Service/ product M1-M3

MNGT9.3 Project Coordination Meetings –Event M1-M35

MNGT9.4 Project reports (intermediate and final report) – Report M17-M36