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A few days later I had an ultrasound that showed a cyst in each ovary and my doctor says at least one of them is producing estrogen that is falsely suppressing the FSH.

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much sugar? Not enough prayer? A fight with your spouse? That time of the month? Are you not sleeping

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agonising daily lumbar punctures (a “spinal tap” whereby a needle is inserted into the lower

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For some reason it seemed slightly off (2-3 second delay) and elevation didn’t work with GPX file, but when I switched to using the original FIT file it worked perfectly

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Ifyou make your home clean and tidy, you’ll find that your thoughts achieve some order, and everything inyour life will start toturn around.

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When Oscar was a boy, he regularly returned to Tijuana to see his mother, and he had his first sexual experience there when he was 10

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was $294.6 million AUD ($201.1 to $392.7 million) not substantially different from the $234.2 million

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Seventeen-year-old Nicola Pokoov, has spent all her previous school years in an only-Roma school

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